Beeswax Veil of Secrets Spell Candle


Whether you want to hide your secrets or reveal the truth, the Beeswax Veil of Secrets Spell Candle can assist you in your spell work.



Do you need your privacy? Want to protect your secrets? Maybe you want to uncover the truth of a situation or want to know the whole story. Remove the veil of secrets to reveal the truth or draw the veil closed to hide it.

The candle can be used in your spells whether you want to hide or reveal the truth. Dress it with Truth and Justice Spiritual Oil and sprinkle with mistletoe for spells to reveal the truth or dress is with Powerful Protection Spiritual Oil and sprinkle with juniper to make your actions or intentions invisible to others.

Beeswax candles make the most exceptional magical tools.  These artisanal beeswax figural candles are individually handcrafted at the Parlour of Wonders.

Choose the color that is appropriate for the work that you are doing.

  • Red for truth in love or hiding a relationship

  • Black to hide your deepest secrets or reveal nefarious dealings

  • Blue for speaking the truth or protecting private conversations

  • Purple for truthful psychic messages or protect from psychic intrusion

  • Green for the truth about finances or hiding your financial dealings

  • Orange for the truth about new ventures or protecting your new projects from prying eyes

  • Yellow for protecting your good fortune or revealing the truth about those who may be blocking your fortune

  • Pink for discovering family members or hiding your family secrets

  • Brown for the truth to be revealed in legal matters or to hide the truth in a court case

  • White for bringing all secrets to light or cloaking your secrets in innocence

For more information on how to cast a spell with a candle, check out our free How to Do a Candle Spell: Candle How To Guide

And for detailed information on candle magic, check out The Book of Candle Magic.

Candle measures 5″ h

Burn time: 16 hours

100% pure beeswax

Cotton wick – lead-free


Lovingly witchcrafted at the Parlour of Wonders in Los Angeles, California


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