Billiken Good Luck Pocket Piece


The mysterious Billiken is known as “The God of Things as They Ought to Be” and the Billiken charm is said to bring good luck to the person who carries it with them.

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To those of you who are charmed by charms of the past, we bring you this replica of the Billiken Lucky Coin Charm. In the early 1900s, art teacher and illustrator Florence Pretz had a dream in which she was visited by fey spirits. When she awoke, she drew the spirits that she met and named one Billiken after one of the fairies in the poem “Mr. Moon: A Song Of The Little People.”

Stories of the good luck that the Billiken brought made people eager for dolls, statues, and of course good luck charms. This charm has inspiring words to uplift and bring ever increasing good fortune your way. To buy a Billiken was said to give the purchaser luck, but to receive one as a gift would be better luck.

On the front of the coin is an image of the Billiken with the words: “Billiken: The God of Things as They Ought to Be – Copyright 1908 by the Billiken Company, Chicago”

On the back is the inscription:

“Good Luck Pocket Piece

I am the god of luckiness

So always keep me nigh

Misfortune’s frown will disappear

At one flash from my eye

Be sure that I am on the spot

When projects you begin

I am the god of luckiness

My name is Billiken”

1.25” diameter


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