Black Agate Pentagram Scrying Mirror


This Black Agate Pentagram Scrying Mirror can also double as a cone incense burning tray or a symbol of health and wealth on your altar.

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This scrying mirror and cone incense burner is made of genuine black agate and has an engraved gold pentagram on one side and is plain on the other side.

Black Agate is a stone of prosperity, victory and courage. As a talisman, Black Agate is used to promote courage and self-confidence. It stabilizes, grounds and protects against negativity.

If you’d like to use it as an incense burner, simply display the pentagram design or the elegant minimalist plain black side and place your incense cone in the center. The tray will collect the ashes and make clean up so easy.

The polished black side of the burner can also be used as scrying mirror. To scry with this mirror, go into a dim room, get centered and peaceful and then stare into the plain black surface. Give some time, up to 15 minutes, for your eyes to adjust to staring at the plain surface and patterns, symbols or pictures will begin to appear. You may see moving images moving or have thoughts pop spontaneously into your head. Spend as much time as you like gazing into the mirror—it may be just a few minutes or even an hour. Stop when you begin to feel restless, or if you’re getting distracted by mundane things.

Measures 3″ diameter


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