Blue Bird Lenormand Deck


This 36-card Petit Blue Bird Lenormand deck (with two extra cards) includes 40- page instruction booklet with a brief biography of Mlle. Lenormand, card meanings, and a sample Grand Tableau reading.

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    The Blue Bird Lenormand deck has an updated design with elegant, classic artwork. The 38-card deck now has extra Gentleman and Lady cards.

    The Lenormand is a divination tool with a history similar to that of the Tarot. The 200 year old system comes to us from the heart of Europe and the salons of France and Germany. The simple, straightforward imagery of the cards  will give direct guidance on tangible issues rather than esoteric ones.

    The cards came into being in the late 18th century and many of their symbols derive from those commonly found in coffee and tea leaf readings. Originally named “The Game of Hope”, it was once a parlor game, much like Tarot, but the images on the cards proved themselves suitable for more divinatory purposes.

    The Blue Bird Lenormand hearkens back to these traditional, old-style decks and features playing card inserts and verses by Stuart Kaplan to assist the reader in interpreting the card meanings.

    The 40-page instruction booklet includes a brief biography of Mlle. Lenormand and card meanings.


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