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Bottle Up and Go! The Magic of Hoodoo Container Spells in Boxes, Bags, Bowls, Buckets, and Jars by Catherine Yronwode and Lara Rivera

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This foundational book of conjure methods will introduce you to more than 100 time-tested ways to cast magic spells for protection, love, luck, wealth, health, and revenge within a variety of containers including:
• Eggs, Bones, Shells, and Fruits
• Potted Plants and Hollow Trees
• Paper, Cloth, and Leather Packets
• Mojo Hands and Troll Bundles
• Doll-Babies and Loaded Statuary
• Glass Bottles and Jars
• Sugar, Cigar, and Match Boxes
• Mirror Boxes and Compacts
• Loaded Oil Lamps and Candles
• Ice Boxes and Freezers
• Black Hawk Buckets
• Scandinavian Spiritus Boxes
• Witch Bottles and Bottle Trees
• Jewish and Arabic Spirit Traps

Sections Include:

  • Egg Spells

  • Animal Organs, Bones, Shells, and Horns

  • Fruits and Vegetables

  • Potted Plants, Hollow Trees, and Holes in the Ground

  • Packet and Package Spells

  • Mojo Hands and Troll Bundles

  • Doll-Babies and Loaded Statuary

  • Wax Dolls in Various Liquids

  • Stuffed Dolls for Love and Marriage

  • Stuffed Dolls for Pain and Suffering

  • Loaded Statuary as Dolls

  • Bottle Spell Basics

  • Shaking Bottle Spells

  • Perfume Bottle Spells

  •  Vinegar Bottle Spells

  • Bottle Spells for Various Conditions

  • Breaking the Bottle

  • Jar Spell Basics

  •  Sugar and Honey Jar Spells

  •  Vinegar Jar Spells

  • Ammonia Jar Spells

  • Rotten Jar Spells

  • Matchbox and Cigar Box Spells

  • Coffin Box Spells

  •  Sugar Box Spells

  •  Mirror Box Spells

  • Loaded Oil Lamps

  • Loaded Candles

  • Icebox and Freezer Spell Basics

  •  Frozen Spells

  • Enshrining Benevolent Spirits

  • Black Hawk Buckets

  • The Scandinavian Spiritus

  • Religious Bottles

  • Confining Evil Spirits

  • Witch Bottles

  • Bottle Trees

  • Jewish and Arabic Inscribed Bowls

96 pages




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