Brass Candle Snuffer


This old-fashioned brass candle snuffer will put your spell candles out quickly, letting you “pause” your spellwork while keeping your fingers safe from being burned.

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Candle snuffers are an important tool in an magical worker’s kit. When burning candles that take longer than a few hours, it is essential to snuff them out when you go to sleep or leave the house. By snuffing a candle, you are effectively putting it on pause until you return and can attend to it. This charming snuffer made of solid brass will allow you to snuff your candle without burning your fingers so that you can get to making magic. It even has a handy ring for hanging it on the wall next to your altar so it’s always in reach.

Snuffer bell measures 1.25″ in diameter, snuffer itself is 14.5” long when fully extended


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