Brass Pentagram Wooden Spell Box


There’s nothing witchier for storing your magical trinkets or empowering your most special wishes than this Brass Pentagram Wooden Spell Box.

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    This charming little spell box is made from polished rosewood and inlaid with a solid brass pentagram and is the perfect addition to your witchy collection.

    Spell boxes are used to gather and hold the contents of a spell — anything from herbs to stones to the magic itself. The belief is that with a spell box you are able to contain your power and intention in one place and protect it from prying eyes.  A spell box should be filled with herbs, crystals, charms, petition papers and other magical items and and then enchanted with your words of incantation, your prayers or your visualization. Once it is blessed it can be used in several ways — it can be kept on an altar, hidden in a special place (such as in a bedroom drawer or in the back of a closet), it can be buried, or it can be given as a gift.

    Use this box to store your wishes, intentions, and spells, or simply use it as a beautiful decorative holding place for your magical trinkets.

    Box measures  4″ x 2.5″ x 2″


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