Brass Prosperity Turtle Incense Burner


The tortoise is said to bring abundance and brass is the metal of prosperity and money luck. Let this Brass Prosperity Turtle Incense Burner be used in spells to make your abundance wishes come true.

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In many cultures, the turtle, or tortoise, symbolizes strength, luck, longevity, career success, abundance and hope. They represent steadfast tranquility – just like the turtle, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are protected during bad times until things change for the better. If you’d like more luck and prosperity in your life, this incense burner is the perfect addition to your home.

This solid brass turtle with its golden shine is the perfect tool for spells of abundance, prosperity, financial flow and money luck.

Place stick incense in the handy hole or add some incense burner sand to the bowl, light your charcoal or cone and you’re ready to make some amazing magic.

Measures 4.75″


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