Break Up Oil by Madame Pamita


Break Up Oil is used in spells to break up couples or cliques and create confusion and arguments.


If your spouse is running around on you or there are cliques that are working against the good, you can use Break Up Oil to cause anger and dissent amongst them so that their power is not aimed at you. This oil is formulated to cause anger, arguments, and explosive tempers to cause them to disengage. If you are looking for a more peaceful parting, you may want to try Smooth Separation oil instead of Break Up. Break Up spells can be quite intense, so use them judiciously.

Break Up oil can be used in spells to:

  • Break up a couple when your partner is cheating on you

  • Break up cliques who are attacking you or your reputation

  • Break up alliances that are ganging up on someone

  • Break up with addictive substances so that you hate them

  • Create confusion and cross-purposes in groups

Red Pepper is a spice long used for creating anger and banishing enemies. Break Up Oil contains a proprietary formula of essential oils, phthalate-free fragrance, gemstones and real herbs, including Red Pepper, Black Lava Salt, and Witch Grass in a luxurious cosmetic-grade fractionated coconut oil base to cause break up and dissent. Each bottle contains a real Red Jasper gemstone to increase the fire and heat of the arguments.

This luxury-grade oil is packaged with a dropper top to make it easy to control how much you use. The lemony astringent scent of this oil will clear out the toughest relationships.

Apply a drop of this oil to something that your enemies will touch, dress candles, or add it to your Break Up spells. Oils are one of the most versatile magical tools available. For more details on how to use Spiritual Oils, please take a look at my Spiritual Oils How To Guide.

.5 oz.

Spiritual Oils are recommended for shipping to the USA and Canada only. Oils shipped outside of the US or Canada can be held up in your country’s customs or returned to us. For orders outside of the US/Canada, we recommend ordering sachet powder in place of oil. If you have questions about shipping oils to your country, contact our shipping department at before ordering.


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