Buckeye Nut – Wildharvested


Wildharvested Buckeye Nuts (Aesculus glabra) are used for gambling luck, to get a job, to improve sales at a business and to enhance virility.



Buckeye Nuts are used for prosperity, healing, career and good luck.  Buckeyes are an old-time good luck charm for bringing prosperity and financial fortune. Wrap a dollar bill around a buckeye, put it in a mojo bag or tie it up in a cloth and carry it with you to bring in money luck. Buckeyes are safe to touch but poisonous to eat, so keep away from pets and children.

Suggested magical uses for Wildharvested Buckeye Nuts:

Carry a pinch of Chamomile, a pinch of Cinnamon and a Buckeye Nut dressed in Lucky Mojo oil in a red flannel bag for a powerful gambling mojo.

Place 3 Buckeye Nuts around a Lucky 7 candle to increase gambling luck or around a Money Drawing candle to increase financial flow.

Carry a Buckeye Nut dressed in Steady Work oil in a red flannel bag before a job interview to give you the edge over the competition.

Place a Buckeye Nut in your cash box to increase financial abundance.

(Buckeye Nuts should not be ingested)

For in-depth information on how to use this and other herbs and roots magically, check out the many books on herbal magic which can be found in our Books section.


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