Carved Stone Solid Perfume Pot


This perfumed balm in a hand-carved soapstone jar will transport you back to your most ancient magic.



Imagine yourself in ancient times with these natural solid perfumes in intricately carved soapstone vessels. Each unique jar holds a delicately scented solid perfume prepared from natural flower oils, herbs, and beeswax.

Put them on your altar or vanity and use a dab of the soft balm on your skin for your most personal and meaningful magic spells. When you’ve used up the perfume, you can use the soapstone jar to store your most magical trinkets.

Choose the formula that best works for your spell:

Citronella – For removing jinxes and hexes

Dragons Blood – For protection of love or property

Lavender – For calming and bringing peace to your relationships

Patchouli – For igniting passion and sensuality

Rose – For drawing a heart-centered romance

Amber – For health and happiness

Sandalwood – For wishes to be granted

Vanilla – For fast luck

Sage – For wisdom and clearing negativity

Measures 1.75 x 1.5


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