Cash Box Conjure – Book


Cash Box Conjure: Hoodoo Spells for Luck and Money by Miss Phoenix LeFae

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    Cash Box Conjure is a veritable treasure-trove of down-home money-magic and prosperity spells. Learn old-school hoodoo methods for drawing luck and increasing cash flow in your home or business, as well as how to get that winning edge in gambling, lottery play, or at the casinos. With more than 100 rituals and recipes for financial abundance, this book tells you how to use authentic African-American candle lights, money mojos, floor washes, roots, herbs, and magical talismans to bring in and retain the wealth you want.

    Miss Phoenix LeFae is the proprietor of Milk & Honey metaphysical store in Sebastopol, California. A member of Hoodoo Psychics and the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers, she is nationally known for clearing crossed conditions and for her healing work.

    96 pp. with illustrations



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