Cast Iron Keys to Love


These Cast Iron Keys to Love are the perfect magical addition to your love altar or can be used in spells to unlock the perfect partner for you.

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    Old-fashioned skeleton keys have been an important part of magic and folklore for centuries and are traditionally placed near the front door in the home to repel negative energy. Keys symbolize knowledge, success, passage, and opening the way to new opportunities, but these are skeleton keys with a love magic twist! These five oversized keys spell out the words L-O-V-E with a little heart with a keyhole symbolizing unlocking the heart.

    In Medieval times, locks and keys were made from iron, which in and of itself has protective properties. Iron is believed to ward off evil spirits and dark magic, which is why locks and keys were made of it. Spirits can get through small spaces like locks but not if those locks are made of iron. These cast iron keys will keep away malicious magic and open up your very best and highest outcomes.

    There are so many ways that you can use these keys to unlock your perfect love:

    • Dress them with a drop of True Love, Soul Mate, Come to Me, Faithful Marriage or Fire of Desire oil to unlock the love you desire
    • Hang them above or next to your door to open the door to love
    • Hold them in your hands while doing a visualization of the love you would like to have
    • Wear them on a belt, as people did in days past, as a love charm
    • Place next to any love spell working to unlock hearts
    • Place them nearby during divination (tarot, oracle, runes, scrying) to unlock the secrets of love from the spirit world
    • Use them to honor goddesses and spirits such as Hecate or Berchta
    • Place them under your pillow to unlock prophetic dreams and astral travels to meet your soul mate

    Keys are a symbol of good luck and new opportunities in many different cultures and spiritual practices. They open the doors to new worlds, new faces, new love, and fresh beginnings. They also lock doors and offer protection from destructive paths, intruders and those with malicious intentions. Keys have been a part of folklore and magic for centuries – bring these Keys to Love into your practice to protect, bless and open up your love wishes.

    Ring measures 3″ in diameter

    Keys measure 2″ – 4″


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