Cast Iron Slavic Wax Pouring Cauldron


This Cast Iron Slavic Wax Pouring Cauldron is used in the Slavic Wax Pouring ritual but can also be used as a cauldron for burning incense or candles.

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Vylyvaty visk is the Ukrainian, Polish and Belarusian ritual of wax pouring to heal trauma. In this traditional folk medicine ritual, beeswax is melted and poured into a bowl of blessed water held over the client’s head as powerful incantations are whispered. The wax instantly cools and the shapes that form in the wax are interpreted to give context to the trauma and guide the healer as to what remedies would be most effective.

The wooden handle on this cauldron allows you to easily and safely pick up the heated cauldron and pour the melted wax into water.

This cauldron can also be used as a traditional cauldron for burning incense, candle spells, or mixing potions.

Cauldron measures 8″ long, 4” wide and 3.5” high


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