Chamberstick Brass Incense Burner


Take your incense with you from room to room with our vintage-style Chamberstick Brass Incense Burner inspired by old-fashioned Victorian candleholders.

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    If you’re an incense witch on the go, you’ll love this incense burner. It’s infinitely useful – if you use resins and other burnables for fumigating multiple spaces or if you want to waft the incense smoke over yourself for a spiritual recharge, then the handy ring holder will protect your hands and securely hold the burning incense as you move around.

    The candle holder with a ring handle, called a chamberstick, was used to light the way to your bedroom in the days before electricity. This solid brass Chamberstick Incense Burner can be moved so easily and safely and adds a vintage flair to any decor. You can even remove the lid, when you’re not using it as an incense burner, and repurpose it as a candle stick holder!

    Add some incense burner sand to the bowl, light your charcoal or cone, put the lid on and watch as the scented smoke wafts delicate tendrils through the holes in the lid.

    Measures 3.5″ x  3.5″


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