Charcoal-Free Brass Oil Burner Bowl


This Charcoal-Free Brass Oil Burner Bowl can be used as a oil burner bowl when added to the Charcoal Free Brass Resin Incense Burner or by itself as an altar bowl.

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    Have you been wishing that you could convert your Charcoal-Free Brass Resin Incense Burner to an essential oil burner? Your wish has come true!

    This petite solid brass bowl is designed to fit in our Charcoal-Free Brass Resin Incense Burner. Simply pop out the screen, place the bowl in the holder, add your favorite essential oil or Madame Pamita Spiritual Oil, light the tea light and enjoy the magical aromas with no smoke.

    You can also use it without the burner as a compact altar offering bowl.

    Charcoal-Free Brass Resin Incense Burner not included.

    Measures 1″ x 2.25″


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