Madame Pamita Come to Me Beeswax Vigil Candle


Get your lover or potential lover to move closer to you both emotionally and physically.

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If your love is emotionally or physically distant, use a Come to Me vigil candle to draw them closer to you. A Come to Me vigil candle can be used in spells to:

  • Bring a lover who is emotionally distant back into your arms

  • Draw a long-distance love closer

  • Bring a new lover into your life (even if you haven’t yet met them)

  • Move someone out of the “friend-zone” and into a romantic relationship with you

Catnip has long been held in high regard as an herb for enticing and drawing love. When you order a Madame Pamita Come to Me Vigil Candle, we dress and bless a pure beeswax vigil candle using a proprietary formula including Catnip and other love strengthening essential oils and herbs as a serious tool to create the solid love that you desire. Like all true magical formulas of the past, this candle is carefully crafted using only natural beeswax, real herbs and essential oils.

Made with 100% beeswax, authentic herbs, and essential oils
No artificial colors

Candle Size 8″ H X 2.5″ W
Burns Approximately 120 Hours
Cotton Wick
Made in the USA
100% Lead-Free


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