Come to Me Candle Spell Kit Human/Female

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The Come to Me Candle Spell Kit with one human candle and one female candle is an old-time moving candle spell used to bring a lover closer for passion, romance or reconciliation.

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If you’d like a loved one to come closer emotionally or physically, this moving candle spell can provide the spiritual pull to bring them toward you. The human candle can be used to represent a non-binary person or to represent a new unknown lover of an unspecified gender while the female candle represents someone who identifies as female.

A Come to Me Candle Spell Kit is an old-time moving candle spell used to bring someone closer to you. While they are most often used to bring a lover closer for passion, romance or reconciliation, they can also be used to bring a friend or family member closer. They can even be used to draw clients and customers to you or your business.

Come to Me spells are a special category of what is called “moving candle spells.” These spells are done over the course of seven days and the candles are burned a little bit each day. Day by day, the candles are moved inch-by-inch toward one another until they are united on the final day and burned completely.

While this might sound like a complicated candle spell, it’s actually quite simple to do with a Come to Me spell kit.

This spell kit includes everything you see here:

  • A lovingly handcrafted beeswax human figural candle

  • A lovingly handcrafted beeswax female figural candle

  • Herbs to support your spell intention

  • Come to Me spiritual oil

  • Full instructions on how to do this seven-day spell

These 100% beeswax candles are handmade at the Parlour of Wonders and charged with the intention of love. Select the color that best expresses your spell’s intention:

  • Red for passionate love

  • Pink for romance

  • Black for control or protection

  • Green for generosity

  • Blue for reconciliation

  • Purple for power and mastery

  • Yellow for happiness

  • Orange for removing blocks

  • White for a fresh start

  • Brown for fidelity

Add a Passion, Attraction, Binding, or Romance Booster Pack to customize your work and amplify the power of your spell or bring in some additional wishes.

Watch the video below to learn how to do a Come To Me Spell.

Candles measure 7.5″h x 1.5″w
Burn time: 6 hours
100% pure beeswax
cotton wick – lead-free

Lovingly Witchcrafted at the Parlour of Wonders

1 review for Come to Me Candle Spell Kit Human/Female

  1. Kara Linkonis (verified owner)

    Can’t beat the beeswax candles from Madam Pamita! These candles burn so smoothly – if using for wax reading at the end they are very reliable. I accidentally chose the wrong set as well and an email to shipping straightened it right out for me!

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