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Common Magick: Origins and Practice of British Folk Magick by A.C. Fisher Aldag

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Discover the Folk Magick of the British Isles

A Showcase of Spells, Lore, and the Origins of Magickal Practices

Join author A.C. Fisher Aldag as she explores the folk magick of the British Isles. With fascinating descriptions of traditional lore, stories, and simple spells, Common Magick is a perfect resource for understanding these well-loved magickal practices. This book reveals why folk magick works and shares deep knowledge of magickal timing, sigils, crafts, tools, and more. You will discover what it’s like to work with nature spirits, fairies, deities, and energy beings as well as herbs, crystals, divination, and even folkplays and magickal dances.

Whether you are just curious or you want to enhance your own practice, Common Magick provides a window into folk magick traditions from Cornwall, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, and the North of France. The authentic practices discussed within these pages will give you a new appreciation for the roots of superstitions and the enduring nature of magick.

“A.C. Fisher Aldag brings magic out of the temple and into fields, forests, and kitchens. She brings knowledge wide and deep—of energy basics, lore, tools, and timing; of otherworldly entities, divination, and trance—that make access and understanding of magical principles from the common folk of yesteryear available to today’s readers. Importantly, she addresses the issue of ethics in magical work. She tells us more about magick and spellwork than we ever knew we needed to know.”—M. Macha Nightmare (Aline O’Brien), witch at large, author, activist, ritualist

“Steeped in history, Common Magick delves deeply into the roots of modern paganism and witchcraft, allowing the reader a deeper view into what was, how we came to be, and how the lessons and practices of the past can lead us into a more honest and open spiritual future. There is a certain wisdom within the pages of this book that dually inspires and sets the groundwork for a modern interpretation of magick based upon tradition. Brilliant.”—Marcus F Griffin, author of Advancing the Witches Craft

Common Magick is one of those unique books that goes beyond the simple instructions in most Pagan books and gives history and practice about the true beginnings of Paganism. … I highly recommend this book for everyone who wants to know the history and the majesty of Pagan origins and practice.”—Susan Wilson, Wiccan priestess and former information officer for Cherry Hill Seminary

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