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Container Magic: Spellcraft Using Sachets, Bottles, Poppets and Jars by Charity L. Bedell

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100+ Spells for Bags, Jars, Sachets & More

Capture the magic within using Charity L. Bedell’s original workings rooted in Conjure, Hoodoo, European folk magic, and modern witchcraft. She lays out the basics for using containers and shares extensive resources, making it easy to work magic with whatever supplies you have on hand. This book teaches you how to choose the right container, fill it for specific purposes, and cleanse and dispose of materials. You’ll discover packets and poppets for short-term goals, charm bags for money magic, and witch balls for long-term protection. Featuring herbal and crystal correspondences, incense and oil formulas, and more, this is the spellbook you’ve always wanted.

“This book stands out in the crowd—it is clear, practical and invites us to have fun while still being effective magic-workers. Go get it! You need this on your shelf and in your magical hands.”—H. Byron Ballard, witch, author Roots, Branches and Spirits and Seasons of a Magical Life

“Charity Bedell writes in a clear and easily understood manner. Her explanations of how not only container magic works, but magic itself are precise and easily practiced. I would recommend this to be in any beginner or novice witch’s library.”—Cassandra Campbell, Hedgewitch, host of the Arcane Conjurings podcast

“Containers are one of my favorite ways to work, Charity did a great job explaining the differences in the works. This is a wonderful read.”—Starr Casas, author of Old Style Conjure

“Charity is a gifted writer, and this book is her present to the magical world. Not stopping at the basics, she affords the reader comprehensive instructions and explanations for container magic.”—Kenya T. Coviak, host of the My Magical Cottagecore Life podcast

“Charity Bedell offers up a bewitching brew of some of the most venerable magic of the past and blends it with her own magical sensibilities…I deeply appreciate how Charity has laid these enchanting tools out for the practitioner to start using right away!”—Christian Day, author The Witches’ Book of the Dead

“This wise and approachable spellbook expertly summarizes these practices and so much more…Drawing both on European Witchcraft and Southern Conjure traditions, Charity weaves a tome of animistic wisdom appropriate for magickal practitioners of all varieties.”—Raven Digitalis, author of Esoteric Empathy

“Clear, concise, and loaded with insight that a witch at any level can benefit from, Bedell weaves technique and tradition into a thoroughly modern approach to witchcraft…Bedell brings these practices into the modern age with the poise and insight of a master.”—Devin Hunter, author of Modern Witch

“Charity Bedell makes use of a whole variety of methods to create, consecrate, bless, and activate different types of vessels…Well resourced and teaches you how to use the energies of magic for different purposes in a easy-to-follow way.”—Elhoim Leafar, author of The Magical Art of Crafting Charm Bags

“This is a wonderfully well-written and enjoyable little book that is just chock full of material that covers an often-overlooked area of magical practice. From guidance on the most beneficial containers and magical correspondences, to a delightful set of spells and even exercises to help you further your experience, this book offers it all.”—Mama Sha’ – Swamp Witch, Inexplicable Things Apothecary

“Charity deftly weaves the strands of her own training and practice together to create this very complete exploration of container magic. She has a nod to the formularies and spell books of old, but applies her magic to today’s world. You’ll learn a lot from Container Magic.”—Christopher Penczak, author of The Casting of Spells

“A compelling and powerful read…Well researched. Well sourced. A spellbinding book filled with magical lore, and spells, that promises to become a Classic among Classics used by beginner witches, and elders alike.”—Shawn Robbins, author/coauthor, The Good Witch’s Guide, Wiccapedia, The Witch’s Way

“Charity has great insight and wisdom in her book…She makes it easy and fun to read and it draws you in immediately upon opening to the first page. A book I would recommend for anyone who is interested in learning magick or who has already been practicing for many years.”—Darcie Vélez, Witch, HPS Temple of Diana

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