Cowrie Shells – Purple


Purple Cowry or Cowrie Shells (Cyproea annulus) are used as a fertility charm, for female magic or for love and sex magic work.

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    Cowrie Shells are used in sympathetic magic to represent female genitalia and can be used by women to enhance sexual attraction or used by those who wish to affect a woman’s sexuality in some way. Blue Cowrie Shells are especially effective for reconciliation work or for calming tense or angry relationships.

    Suggested magical uses for Purple Cowrie Shells:

    Connect the Cowrie Shell to a particular person (either you or another) by dressing it the woman’s period blood, vaginal fluid or pubic hair. You may also choose to wrap it in a piece of her used underwear.

    Soften a beeswax candle by placing under a strong light (sun or lamp) and press Cowrie shells into it to do some strong magic for sexual seduction.  If you’re using a figural candle, you can press a Cowrie Shell with the open side out in the vagina area to increase the sexual power of the spell.

    Place 7 Cowrie shells around a Fertility candle dressed Blessing oil to invite fertility.

    Carry a red flannel mojo bag with a Cowrie, a Queen Elizabeth Root (if you’re a woman) or a John the Conqueror Root (if you’re a man), a pinch of Patchouli, a pinch of Ginger and a pinch of Sandalwood to invite in a hot and spicy relationship.

    One large purple cowrie shell (~1″)


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