Crafting Love Potions – On-Demand Workshop

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Join Madame Pamita for an on-demand workshop where you will learn how to craft seven different love potions (plus one bonus potion) for a variety of love situations.

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    Enroll in the Academy of the Magical Arts and take your favorite workshops wherever, whenever and at your own pace.

    In this On-Demand Workshop, you’ll learn the ins and outs of potion crafting and master eight different love potions that can be used in a variety of love situations.

    You’ll learn:

    • Potions are Powerful
    • How We Can Use Potions
    • Love Situations the Can Be Helped with Potions
    • Love Potion Ethics
    • Crafting Love Potions
    • Self-Love Gem Elixir
    • Strawberry Juice Love Potion
    • Family Love Mulled Cider/Wine
    • Spicy Hibiscus Brew
    • Love and Commitment Cocktail
    • New Love Floral Elixir Potion
    • Personal Concerns Binding Potion
    • Secret BONUS Potion!
    • AND MORE!

    Magical practitioners of all levels will benefit from this workshop. No magical experience is necessary, but a general understanding of magic will be helpful. People of all spiritual paths are welcome.

    When you purchase this workshop, you’ll get immediate access. Look for the link at the bottom of the purchase confirmation page as well as in your purchase confirmation email.

    Once you purchase, you have lifetime access to the workshop. Watch the video modules at your own pace and rewatch them whenever you need a refresher.

    Do you have questions? Reach out to us at

    1 review for Crafting Love Potions – On-Demand Workshop

    1. S0livagant (verified owner)

      A very lovely and easy to follow workshop

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