Crossroads Cone Incense – Large Cones


If you want to be recognized as the best, go down to the Crossroads by using this powerfully magical cone incense.



It’s traditional in hoodoo to do crossroads work, and those who are ready for leadership and mastery in a skill will take their chosen tools to the crossroads at midnight to meet with a spirit who will bestow upon them this mastery.

If you want to be recognized as the best in your field, you can invoke this crossroads energy with  Crossroads incense.

This hot, spicy and earthy blend has luck improving qualities of cinnamon essential oil to give your mastery spell work an amazing boost of power.

Available in packages of 13 small (1”) cones or 7 large (2”) cones.

Crossroads incense got its name from the 1930s blues song, “Cross Road Blues” by Robert Johnson an artist who legend has it, got given his guitar skills at the crossroads.

Ways to Use this Incense:

  • Burn this incense before doing any crossroads work.
  • Carry your brazier through each room of your house and empower the space with improved energy for improving your skills and mastery.
  • Burn this incense at the crossroads to invite spirit contact.
  • Burn this incense as you pray for success with your chosen skills
  • Smudge yourself by waving the fragrant smoke over your body and praying for talent and skill.
  • Light this incense and wave the tools of your trade through the fragrant smoke to bless, charge and empower them.

For more ideas on how to work with cone incense, please watch my Cone Incense Magic video below:


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