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Crystal Magic for the Modern Witch by Devin Hunter

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    100+ Crystals, Gems, and Metals to Strengthen and Support Your Magic

    Featuring an immense collection of recipes, grids, correspondences, and nearly two hundred color photos, this is a must-have resource on minerals and how to partner with them for potent magic. Bestselling author Devin Hunter presents more than a hundred common varieties that help witches begin or improve their crystal practice.

    Drawing on almost thirty years of experience, Devin shares detailed advice on the best crystals for protection, well-being, magical success, and psychic abilities. He reveals the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of each stone as well as what element, tarot card, affirmation, plants, and planets are associated with it. In addition to dozens of spells and workings, this stunning book covers cleansing methods, divination techniques, crystal spirits, and much more.

    “Many crystal books list crystal properties, but what do we do from there? In this objective, Devin Hunter’s Crystal Magic for the Modern Witch is a true gem (pun intended). Devin not only expertly guides witches in cultivating relationships with stones, he provides a myriad of concrete ways for working with them. This book is a must have for any witch who wants to learn crystal magic!”—Durgadas Allon Duriel, author of Worthy As You Are and The Little Work

    “Devin’s exuberance for the mineral world and the magickal worlds is deftly combined in this beautiful book! Over the years he’s shared with me insights on new crystals I had never heard about, new combinations of stones, or simply new ways to approach crystal magic as a modern witch, and this book feels like a very detailed conversation with him about all that he loves and wants to share. He bridges the old world with the new, as well as some science with the mystical, to provide you with a wonderful aid to delve deeper into the magick of crystals.”—Christopher Penczak, Author of the Temple of Witchcraft series and The Lighting of Candles

    “Devin Hunter masterfully creates a crystal book of magic and healing that empowers not only the beginner but also advanced crystal practitioners as well. This book artistically blends Devin’s knowledge and experience into a tome that holistically encapsulates the mental, physical, and spiritual essence of our lives for a well-rounded crystal magic experience. What captures my enthusiasm the most is the respect and care Devin has for the spirits of the crystals and how we can create relationships with these spiritual beings so that we may incorporate them into the circle of our lives.”—Chris Allaun, author of Otherworld and A Guide of Spirits

    “Devin Hunter’s Crystal Magic for the Modern Witch is a tour-de-force of gemstone witchery. Fresh, inspired, and teeming with visuals, there is magic dripping from every page of this book. Devin offers new insight and practical instructions perfect for any crystal lover, beginner or expert alike.”—Nicholas Pearson, author of Crystal Basics and Stones of the Goddess

    “Right from the beginning of this incredibly thoughtful text, Devin sets out why we should care, how we should approach our physical and spiritual interactions with minerals, and touches on ethical issues that should be considered by every practitioner. Full of suggested workings and examples of spells for use with various stones, this book is of great value to anyone looking to expand and enhance their spiritual practice with minerals. Reading it got me excited about working with minerals again…I’m looking forward to exploring new relationships with stones and crystals.”—Arin Murphy-Hiscock, bestselling author of The Green Witch

    “Often I speak on how important it is to just embrace not knowing—and to that end I am often saying that crystals are just an area I don’t know much about. Thanks to Devin Hunter, and Crystal Magic for the Modern Witch, I can’t say that anymore! It’s a book from which I learned new things that I can put to work in my own practice, and know that I will refer to often like a well-worn cookbook. A book that anyone, from beginner, to established practitioner, to collectors, can learn from, Crystal Magic for the Modern Witch is a real gem.”—Mortellus, author of Do I Have To Wear Black and The Bones Fall In a Spiral

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