Dandelion Talisman Wishing Necklace


Charge this Dandelion Talisman Wishing Necklace with your fondest wishes and wear it to watch them manifest all around you.

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    Do you have wishes that you really want to come true? Use this Dandelion Talisman Wishing Necklace as a tool to always be working on manifesting your magic. The Dandelion is known to grant our most heartfelt wishes and is emblematic of the wind that carries our wishes to the place that they need to go. Simply hold this charm, close your eyes and charge the dandelion seeds with your biggest dreams and desires.

    Want to make this necklace even more magical? Dress the glass with a little Instant Gratification Oil and wear it when you want to make your dreams become reality.

    The clear glass charm houses two real dandelion seeds with their stems crossed – a symbol of the crossroads, a powerful place of magic, and the protection of your dreams. the black bezel and chain with its adjustable lobster clasp, give it a touch of vintage gothic style.

    17″ chain

    1″ charm



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