Easy to Love Cone Incense


If you’ve got a relationship but you are ready for deeper commitment, make yourself Easy to Love.



Whether you want to take your existing relationship to marriage or get your partner to be more deeply committed to you, Easy to Love will work toward moving your love to more serious territory. This is not an incense for a new love – this is for lovers who are already in a relationship and are ready for a deeper commitment.

This gentle floral and citrus blend has the power of Neroli and Petitgrain for inducing the desire for more committed love.

Available in packages of 13 small (1”) cones or 7 large (2”) cones.

Easy to Love incense gets its name from the 1930s jazz song, “Easy to Love” by Billie Holiday.

Ways to Use this Incense:

  • Burn this incense in your home to increase loving energy.
  • Burn this incense as you pray or do love spells.
  • Smudge yourself by waving the fragrant smoke over your body before seeing your target.
  • Light this incense before doing spell work and let it burn while you dress and light your love candles to elevate and empower your work.
  • Feed and cleanse your reconciliation mojo bag by gently waving it through the fragrant smoke.

For more ideas on how to work with cone incense, please watch my Cone Incense Magic video below.


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