Enchanted Unicorn Magic Wooden Comb


The Enchanted Unicorn Magic Wooden Comb is the perfect magical tool for unicorn rituals and meditations or for combing your unicorn’s mane and tail.

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    Travel to the land of the gentle unicorn with this beautiful wooden comb. References to the unicorn appear in early Mesopotamia and also in the ancient myths of India, Greece and China but they still exist in the otherworlds that you can access through visionary meditation and altered states.

    Combs are used in spells for attraction, empowerment, cleansing, and strengthening magical skills. This genuine green sandalwood comb is carved with the image of the magical unicorn and is the perfect tool for your traditional folk magic. Green sandalwood, sometimes known as Verawood, is not a true sandalwood, but like sandalwood, has a beautiful aromatic fragrance and has the unique property of slowly turning a rich forest green when exposed over time to sunlight. 

    Comb measures 3″ x 2″


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