Evil Eye Stoneware Offering Tray


The Evil Eye Stoneware Offering Tray offers protection from negativity to your candle spells and incense rituals while serving up modern style.

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This Evil Eye Stoneware Offering Tray is there to protect you and your space. Hand glazed with a milky white glaze with the eye revealing the natural stoneware beneath, this tray is offers protection to protect you, your altar, your home, or your business from the effects of negativity and jealousy.

The Evil Eye Stoneware Offering Tray melds the vintage-inspired trend with contemporary style. It can be used for offerings, candle spells, incense, or as an elegant tray for your magical tools or, in a more mundane capacity, as a coaster, soap dish, or a place to catch coins, knick knacks and jewelry.

4.5” in diameter


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