Eye of Horus Pyramid Brass Incense Burner


This beautiful Eye of Horus Pyramid Brass Incense Burner holds cones in its covered compartment and imbues your spells with the power of the ancient pyramids.

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Pyramids have long fascinated humanity. Were they monuments to the pharaohs or something even more mystical? We might never know, but you can bring their mysterious power into your magical work with this beautiful solid brass incense burner. Lift the hinged lid and place your incense cones in the center of the pyramid. close the lid and the smoke will languidly waft from the center of the Eye of Horus and the small holes in the back.

This holder is perfect for burning botanical incense on incense charcoal or your favorite cone incense to cleanse the air, set the mood, and make magic.

We recommend using Incense Burner Sand to keep your brass incense burner from getting too hot and to ensure that the cone or charcoal burns completely. Put a couple tablespoons of incense burner sand in the bottom and you’re ready to burn cone incense, loose incense or resins on charcoal. This incense burner will not crack or break from the heat of burning incense and is perfect for your most serious spiritual work.

Measures 2.5” H 4” W


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