FACTORY SECOND – Beeswax Mystic Star Candle

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FACTORY SECOND – Sometimes we have a candle that’s less than perfect, either it might be faded or have a blemish of some kind – Nothing major, but it doesn’t meet our impeccable standards. These still burn great and can be used for spellwork – add a little oil and glitter or herbs and some of your magic, and you’ll never know the difference.


The Eight-Pointed Star is renowned in spiritual work for its power in attracting good fortune, guiding decisions, illuminating opportunities,

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The eight-pointed star is significant in many different spiritual paths and represents:

  • beginnings

  • resurrection

  • salvation

  • super-abundance

  • monetary wealth

  • endless prosperity

  • victory

  • patience

  • health and nourishment

  • knowledge

  • family

  • escaping suffering

  • breaking of unhealthy attachments

  • Venus

  • Aphrodite

  • Ishtar

  • fertility

  • achieving balance

  • hope

  • As Above, so Below. As Below, so Above

  • the Macrocosm in the Microcosm

  • alchemical separation and recombination (Solve et Coagula)

  • the active and passive forms of the Spirit

  • energy-consciousness

This Mystic Star candle is used in spells to create high spiritual outcomes. These Stars can be added as support candles for bigger spell candles or burned on their own as a quick manifestation spell.

When you want manifest something quickly, you can use this candle on its own to focus your intentions. Alternatively, you can use the Star as a support candle for another figural candle to create the highest spiritual outcomes. 


  • Red for passion

  • Pink for a sweet romance or friendship

  • Yellow for luck and success

  • Green for prosperity

  • Black for protection

  • White for cleansing or blessing

  • Blue for healing or communication

  • Orange to open up blockages

  • Purple for empowering

  • Brown for grounding or legal matters

You can use this candle to activate focused manifesting power to your spell.

These beautiful candles are 100% pure beeswax with no fragrances, essential oils or herbs added. Beeswax candles are luxury magical tools.  While the superior burn of beeswax is useful for any type of work, the honey-imbued wax is especially perfect for sweetening up a situation. 

A simple, but very effective, candle spell using this candle is to apply an appropriate spiritual oil (such as Grand Success oil) in an upward motion to the candle and sprinkle a pinch of Benzoin on the top. Light your candle on a Friday and burn it completely.

Candle measures 1.25″ h x 3″ w
Approximate burn time: 2 hours
100% pure beeswax
cotton wick – lead-free
Lovingly handcrafted at the Parlour of Wonders


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