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Fire Magic: Elements of Witchcraft by Josephine Winter

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Help Your Magic Burn Brighter with the History, Lore, and Uses of Fire

Bring the passionate element of fire into your practice with this captivating entry in Llewellyn’s Elements of Witchcraft series. Featuring spells, rituals, recipes, and folklore, Fire Magic shows you how to fully harness the flame and add new meaning and energy to your life.

Join author Josephine Winter on an illuminating exploration of fire and its many uses in witchcraft. Discover candle and bonfire magic throughout history, how fire is depicted in mythology, and fire-related celebrations for the sabbats. Learn about correspondences, sacred herbs and woods, and how to stay safe while honoring this element. Featuring guest contributors, fire deities, mythical beasts, crystals, and more, Fire Magic inspires you to reignite your passion for magic.

“Expansive and inviting—like fire itself—Fire Magic is a thoroughly enjoyable work that fills a notable gap in contemporary magical literature. Winter’s approach is no-nonsense, and her research truly impeccable. Loaded with practical tips, rituals, and fascinating history, Fire Magic has something to offer all readers, whether they’re witches, Pagans, pyromancers, or casual explorers curious about the history of magic as a whole.”—Thorn Mooney, author of Traditional Wicca

336 pp.

5×8 Softcover


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