Firebird Natural Horn Comb


Combs are an important part of cleansing and empowerment magic and this comb made of natural horn is decorated with the image of the firebird, symbol of rebirth, beauty, and magic.

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    Combs are used in spells for attraction, empowerment, cleansing, and strengthening magical skills. This comb is made of natural ox horn and carved with the image of the Firebird, the famous bird from Slavic legends and symbol of rebirth, beauty and magic. Use this comb to empower your beauty spells!
    Ox horn combs have a reputation as the best combs for the health of your hair as well. They are said to increase blood circulation as you massage your scalp while combing.  They are also reputed to reduce hair loss and minimize dandruff. Horn combs do not generate static electricity and helps smooth unruly hair as well as distribute natural oils for richer, shiner hair.
    Your Firebird Natural Horn Comb will last a lifetime if properly used and cared for.
    • Hand-wash in cold water using a mild soap and allow to air-dry
    • Limit exposure to sun
    • Don’t soak in water.

    Comb measures 7.25″ x 2″


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