Forged Iron Ritual Scissors


These Forged Iron Ritual Scissors transport you to the realm of old world magic and can be used in spells of separation, banishing, break ups, and endings.

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    Whether you are doing some serious cord-cutting magic or simply want an antique-style pair of scissors to use for your magical crafts, these Forged Iron Ritual Scissors fit the bill. Use these ritual scissors to cut thread or yarn when making magical items or cut petition papers for your spells.

    These gorgeous scissors would be exactly what you would find in a woodland witch’s hut, yet they are sharp enough to cut paper or fabric, and they can be easily sharpened after heavy use.

    Scissors have long been a part of witchcraft and magic in many cultures throughout time. Mostly used for separations and endings, they can be used surreptitiously or openly, depending on the message that you want to send.

    The oldest of the three Fates in Greek mythology is Atropos and scissors are one of her sacred symbols. Her sister Clotho spun the Thread of Life, and her other sister Lachesis measured how long the Golden Thread would be. Atropos’ job was to cut the thread of life of each person. Placing a closed pair of scissors on your altar as an offering to her can encourage her to grant you and your loved ones longevity.

    Scissors can also be used as a protective amulet to protect you, your home, and your loved ones from malefic magic. Since medieval times, scissors would be left open in the shape of a protective cross and placed under doormats to ward off negativity and keep evil spirits at bay.

    Scissors are a deeply magical tool that deserve to be treated as such. If you drop a pair of scissors, you should never pick them up yourself but instead, have somebody else pick them up for you. If nobody is around to help, stomp on the scissors before touching them and warm them between your hands before using them again.

    Whenever your scissors are not being used for magic, they should be kept closed, because scissors carelessly left open allow others to gossip about you.

    Turkish people believe that handing scissors directly into someone else’s hand would cause bad blood between the people who are exchanging them. Instead, place them on a a table and allow the other person to pick them up.

    6.5″ x 3.5″



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