Genuine Black and White Magic of Marie Laveau – Book


Genuine Black and White Magic of Marie Laveau – revised and edited by Catherine Yronwode

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Restored, Revised, and Edited by catherine yronwode from the original writings of Zora Neale Hurston, Anne Fleitman, Larry B. Wright, Dorothy Spencer, Cyril Arthur Pearson, Helen Pitkin Schertz, The Allan Company, Franz Hartmann, Abe Plough, and H. F.

Hoodoo’s first grimoire and spell-book, originally edited by the famed African-American folklorist and novelist Zora Neale Hurston, holds a historical place that no other conjure book can claim, for it provides the modern practitioner with guidance and training in authentic New Orleans rootwork, as it was in 1928.

Although the author was certainly not Marie Laveau, the more than 50 rites and rituals in this volume present the classic hoodoo spells of the Crescent City, using herbs, roots, candles, incense, powders, baths, and mojo hands to get your way in matters of luck, love, friendship, family, money, jobs, protection, jinx-breaking, court cases, and cursing.

This book has it all:

  • Burning of Candles

  • Use of Roots and Oils, Powders, and Incenses

  • Significance of Cards

  • Horoscopes with Lucky Days and Lucky Numbers

  • Guide to Spiritualists, Mediums, and Readers

On the 90th anniversary of its first publication, the Lucky Mojo Curio Company proudly presents a new edition of this seminal text, restored and revised by catherine yronwode. Black and White Magic is truly the one book that every conjure doctor must possess!

Sections include:

  • Advice to Spiritualists and Mediums

  • How to Dress Homes and Churches

  • Attracting Luck

  • The Lucky Hand

  • The Best Gambling Hand (Called the Toby)

  • Attracting Success

  • Get a Job

  • Obtain a Promotion

  • The Secret of Prosperity

  • Attract Attention

  • Influence People

  • Overcoming Financial Troubles

  • Overcoming Love Troubles

  • Overcoming Family Troubles

  • Overcoming Legal Troubles

  • Overcoming Social Troubles

  • Conquering Bad Neighbors

  • Conquering Enemies

  • Breaking Crossed Conditions

  • True Messages from Dreams

  • The Secret of Dreaming True

  • How to Work with Candles

  • Candle Devotions

  • How to Know the Zodiac

  • How to Read the Cards

96 pages




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