Genuine Four Leaf Clover


Are you looking for a piece of nature to boost your luck that can be carried with you anywhere? Look no further than this genuine four-leaf clover!

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    The four-leaf clover was seen as a charm by the Celtic people. Not only were they thought to bring good luck, but carrying a four-leaf clover with you has been said to give you access to the world of fairies.
    Searching for a four-leaf clover in the wild takes a lot of time and patience, plus a very sharp eye. Your hunt is over now that you’ve found this genuine four-leaf clover! Some suggested uses include:
    • Carry it in your wallet
    • Sit it on your altar
    • Add it to a spell
    • Put it in a mojo bag
    • Wear it in a locket
    • Gift it to a friend who is down on their luck

    These genuine dried four leaf clovers are dyed green to bring that just-plucked look and bring in extra prosperity.

    Each clover measures approximately .75″ across and comes in a glassine envelope for protection


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