Modern Glass Candle Holder


The Modern Glass Candle Holder is the perfect minimalist candle holder for votive, tealight, taper or pillar candles to keep your altar clean and neat.

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    This heavy glass Anchor Hocking candle holder is the perfect size for all the pillar candles found in the Parlour of Wonders but can be used with votive, tealight, or tapers too!

    They are perfect for many reasons:

    – Sized to fit all votive, tealight, taper or pillar candles.

    – Heavy glass walls resist breakage

    – The clear glass allows you to make a smoke reading (capnomancy) and wax reading (ceromancy) as your candle burns.

    – The size is perfect for containing all your wax with no spillover, while still allowing all the wax to burn completely.

    Candle Holder Size 3.75″ H X 2.5″ W


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