Glitter and Herb Funnel Tray


Here is the ultimate candle spellcaster’s “must have” accessory.

No more glitter, herbs, or powders ending up all over the table or floor. This no spill funnel tray is designed to control glitter, beads, fibers, powders, herbs, colored sand, and more.

Helps controls your glitters or herbs while you are sprinkling them on your candle or adding them to a bottle.

Once you’re finished, just hold the funnel end of the tray back over its original container and use your brush to get the material easily back into your container.

Reduces waste, makes for an easy “no mess” clean up, and, it comes with a convenient plug for the funnel to keep your materials in the tray!

Durable, high impact styrene

6″ X 8″ X 7/8″ Deep

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