Gold-Embellished Satin Altar Cloth


This Gold-Embellished Satin Altar Cloth can add a pop of magical color and style to your altar or use it as a cloth for tarot readings or charm or bone casting.


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Altar cloths can empower your altar with color and magical symbolism. if you are creating an altar to a certain deity or for a certain intention, you can choose a color that emphasizes the nature of the spells that you are doing.

Use the color and symbols that most closely align with the spells you are doing on your altar:

  • Blue with Triple Moon and Pentagram – for healing and peace
  • Magenta with Pentagram – for romance and true love
  • Red with Triple Moon – for passion and action
  • Dark Green with Triple Moon and Pentagram – for prosperity and abundance
  • Light Green with Silver Triple Moon – for growth and fertility
  • Gold with Triple Moon and Pentagram – for luck and happiness

These cloths also make a wonderful cloth that can be used for bone casting or charm casting. Lay out the cloth and then gently toss your charms or bones on the cloth for divination purposes.

Made from 100% Rayon Satin silkscreened in gold/silver

Measures 21″ x 21″


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