Great Personal Power Bone Charm Necklace


Wear this hand-carved yak bone charm necklace with its symbol of empowerment whenever you need a dose of self-confidence, leadership, and magnetism.

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    Symbols have power. If you feel that you are ready to turn up your empowerment and magnetism and step into your authority, put on this necklace right now.

    This charm is made in Tibet and hand-carved on ethically sourced yak bone – each one is a unique hand-carved, natural talisman. The powerful symbol is on the front and the words “Great Personal Power” is carved on the back. Each one is ready to wear and comes on a 24″ antiqued bronze link chain.

    Amp up the power of this talisman by anointing with a drop of Absolute Power Oil by Madame Pamita each time you wear it.

    There are 23 unique charms in this collection. Have a selection on hand for wearing when you need a special dose of magic or wear more than one for daily protection and blessings.

    Charm measures 1.25″ in diameter.


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