Greek Alexander Coin Success Amulet

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This replica Greek Alexander Coin Success Amulet depicts the goddess Athena and the Macedonian General Alexander the Great, ruler of one of the largest empires in history. This coin can be used as a charms to bring great success in building an empire of your own.

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    This replica Greek Alexander Coin Success Amulet is a copy of the silver tetradrachm from 297 – 281 BCE featuring Alexander the Great that was minted under one of Alexander’s top generals and successors, King Lysimachos who ruled a kingdom situated in modern-day western Turkey.

    The front of the coin shows the deified Alexander the Great with his wild, unruly hair held down by a thin diadem and the horns of Ammon curling over his ear.  The Egyptian god Ammon was often depicted with ram’s horns, so that as this deity became a symbol of supremacy, kings and emperors came to be depicted with Horns of Ammon.

    The reverse of the coin shows the goddess Athena enthroned, holding the goddess of victory, Nike, in her extended right hand, resting her left elbow on a shield with lion headed aegis. The Greek words read: BASILEOS LYSIMACOY “Of King Lysimachos”

    This coin can be added to your success magic spells to bring good luck, victory, and achievement into your life.

    • Carry with you as a good luck charm to bring success.
    • Add to your charm or bone reading set to represent success and victory in a reading.
    • Place one in a mojo bag for increasing confidence.
    • Place one or more around a Pyramid Spell Candle to build your empire.
    • Anoint with Absolute Power oil and place on your altar to amplify your empowerment.

    Coins measure 1.25″ in diameter

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    1. Cybil Perry (verified owner)

      What a beautiful coin. i keep it on my work desk to bring me success.

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