Greek Athena Coin Wisdom Amulet


This replica Greek Athena Coin Wisdom Amulet depicts the goddess Athena and her attribute, the wise owl, and can be used as a charms to bring wisdom, intelligence and success in education.

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This replica Greek Athena Coin Wisdom Amulet is the perfect talisman when you need a boost of intelligence and wisdom. The Athenian Owl tetradrachm is arguably the most popular and recognized ancient coin. It represented about a week’s pay for ancient Greek soldiers. It is said that President Teddy Roosevelt carried an Athenian Owl as a lucky piece and that it inspired him to redesign US coinage.

Owl coins were produced beginning late in the sixth century BCE and were minted in some form or fashion for most of the next 450 years. This coin depicts Athena, patron goddess of the city-state of Athens on the front and an owl on the reverse.

This coin can be added to your magic spells to bring wisdom, intelligence, and success in education.

  • Carry with you as a good luck charm when studying or taking tests.
  • Add to your charm or bone reading set to represent wisdom and intelligence in a reading.
  • Place one in a mojo bag for success in education.
  • Carry one to honor the goddess Athena.
  • Place one or more around a Wise Owl Spell Candle to bring success in learning.
  • Anoint with High Creativity Oil and place on your altar to amplify your wisdom.

Coins measure 1.25″ in diameter


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