Greek Medusa Coin Protection Amulet


This replica Greek Medusa Coin can be used as a protection amulet in your spells or carried with you as a protection charm.

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The gorgoneion, the face of the fearsome goddess Medusa with protruding tongue, was widely used as a protective amulet in ancient times. It was often painted on the shields of warriors, and many cities adopted it as a symbol on coinage. When Athens began to issue tetradrachms about 515 BCE, a gorgoneion appeared on the front as a symbol of protection for the people of Athens.

This replica Athenian coin can be added to your magic spells as a source of feminine power and protection.

  • Carry it with you as a protection charm or to honor the goddess Medusa.
  • Place one in a mojo bag for amplifying its protective power.
  • Add to your charm or bone set to represent divine protection in a reading.
  • Place one or more around a spell done with black candles to prevent others from harming you.
  • Anoint with Powerful Protection oil and place on your altar to guard yourself and your home.

Coins measure 1″ in diameter


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