Hand Blown Glass Four Leaf Clover Charm

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Four Leafed Clovers are used in spells for health, wealth, luck, and love.

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    This hand-blown glass four-leaf clover charm can be added to your altar, placed in a mojo bag, used in a bone set for divination, or carried with you to draw money, bring luck, and protect from evil.

    Measures: 1” tall

    2 reviews for Hand Blown Glass Four Leaf Clover Charm

    1. n_hubbard2007 (verified owner)

      This is so pretty but very fragile ITS GLASS so ofc it is going to be fragile but I say that b/c if it is used in a mojo bag, nation sac, gri gri or charm bag I wouldn’t recommend pairing with a lodestone or any hard crystals it will break. I simply anoint mine and place in my wallet or somewhere safe but effective. This is not the charm for the outside of any bag to be sewn on it’s a charm I chose to wear and carry and it does exactly as I ask it to. But if you aren’t rough or tough on your charm/ mojo bags it will be a great talisman for that as well!

    2. Gihann (verified owner)

      I love it!! Nice quality and size I am feeling the luck vibe holding in my hand when I opened it 🙂

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