Hand Blown Glass Hanging Heart Box


An old fashioned glass heart to place your heart’s desire in to magically make your wishes come true.



Magic boxes have been used throughout time to place talismans, charms, tokens, and petition papers to empower them and make your wishes come true. This vintage-style charm box is the perfect place to place slips of paper with your magical wishes and desires, or to fill with herbs, roots, and flowers as an exquisite spell bottle.

This beautiful box is made from real hand-blown mercury glass embellished with sparkling seed beads, glitter and rhinestones and hangs from a velvet ribbon. Select gold for success and prosperity or red for passion and energy.

How to make a magic spell box:

  • Write your wishes on slips of paper

  • Fold the papers toward you and place in the box

  • Alternatively, you can add photos of your wishes or of your loved ones

  • Hang up near your altar space or place on an altar table

How to make a magic spell bottle:

  • Place appropriate dried herbs, roots, and flowers for your wishes

  • Add a small petition paper with your wishes written on it

  • Add a piece of your hair or a fingernail clipping to tie the bottle to you

  • If you are doing work to get someone to love you, add a piece of their hair or fingernail clipping.

  • Hide in a safe place in your home

Measures 4” x 2.5” x 1.75”


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