Hand-Blown Glass Potion Bottle – Small Engraved Iridescent Green


This beautiful Small Engraved Iridescent Green Hand-Blown Glass Potion Bottle is the perfect thing for storing and displaying your most magical potions or using in your most special bottle spells.

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    This charming glass bottle with its glass stopper is hand-blown into molds by master glassblowers, just like bottles were hundreds of years ago. These apothecary-quality bottles are each a unique work of art. With their gold trim and glass stopper that resembles a crystal ball, these are the most magical way to store your most precious potions, your favorite magical perfumes, your own potions and brews, or even use them for a truly magical bottle spell.

    Iridescent Green with hand carved leaf engraving measures approx. 1.75″ x  .5″ and holds approximately 5ml

    Each bottle comes with its own hand-blown glass ball stopper.


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