Hand Carved Haitian Heart Palm Stone


Heart-shaped palm stones are used magically to draw in a new love, bring someone back, or to keep your romance strong and solid.



Empower a woman, raise a family, lift a village.

These stone hearts are hand carved and engraved by artisans in the small village of Cormier, Haiti and sales of these support the women and girls of Haiti. Stones are used in magic to bring or keep something strong and long-lasting with heart-shaped stones focused on love and emotions.

We will intuitively choose a design for you. Choose a color that matches your intention:

  • Pink for romancce

  • Red for passion

  • Green for growth or generosity

  • Purple for power or healing

Ways to use this stone in your magic:

  • Place the stone on an altar dedicated to a love god or goddess

  • Hold the stone in your palm and focus on your love intentions

  • Keep the stone on an altar to empower your love spells

  • Carry the stone in your pocket or purse to attract a true love

  • Dress the stone in a love oil and give it to someone you wish to attract

  • Secretly hide the stone in the home of someone you want to have a relationship with

A portion of the sale of these hearts are dedicated to helping empower women and girls and lift them out of poverty through donations to the registered non-profit Haiti Projects, Inc. Haiti Project provides jobs, offers a Maker Library with books, internet, and computer access, a family planning clinic, and all-girls soccer teams. These projects are linked and work to help change the lives of girls and women.

2.5” x 2”


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