Hand-Forged Copper Heart Wax Inscriber


These Hand-Forged Copper Heart Wax Inscribers are the perfect magical tool to carve your love wishes or petitions directly onto a candle.

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Wax inscribers are used to write your spell words, wishes, sigils or intentions directly onto a wax candle. These beautifully hand-forged wax inscribers are made for us by Troll Cunning Forge.

These copper inscribers are topped with a heart shape and are quite a special tool for love work or honoring the goddesses Aphrodite or Venus.

These inscribers are a little slimmer than a pencil and but long enough to easily write your wishes in wax.

These hand-forged inscribers are Venusian artifacts of joy and bemusement handmade by a master blacksmith. They are quenched in the day and hour of Venus in cherry blossom water. Each one is a unique piece of the blacksmith’s art – no two are alike.

Inscribers measure 4.5” long.


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