Handcrafted Charcoal Tablets (5 Pieces)


These incense charcoal tablet are handcrafted for us by incense master, Carl Neal and made with safe, sustainable, environmentally responsible ingredients.

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These lovingly handcrafted tablets are the perfect tool for your special magical rituals. You can see the loving care behind these in the thumbprint master incense maker, Carl Neal, has placed in the center of each one.

While there are a few types of natural incense charcoal available, the major brands most often purchased by incense users are filled with potassium nitrate, high-tar coal, or other undesirable ingredients that cause the charcoal to smell terrible and burn far too hot for most incense ingredients.

These charcoal tablets are made from two ingredients: natural, handcrafted charcoal and a natural gum binder.  That’s it!  No leftover wood scraps from the plywood industry or smelly chemical oxidizers are used.  The result is charcoal that burns evenly with virtually no scent.

Before there were incense sticks, powders and cones, Neolithic people would burn aromatic herbs and resins in their religious rites. In all magical-spiritual work, incense figures prominently in work where you want to imbue the self or the environment with a certain quality such as cleansing, prosperity, love and so forth. 

It’s surprisingly simple to create your own personal blend of magical incense. Hold the charcoal with tweezers, hold the charcoal over a match or lighter until it ignites and then place on a ceramic or other heat resistant dish.   Allow a white ash to form, and then place your choice of herbs, roots and resins on top. 

Resins such as Frankincense, Copal, Dragon’s Blood, Benzoin, Camphor and Myrrh are the most aromatic. Combine them with herbs for your intention (such as Sandalwood for peace, Sarsaparilla for prosperity, or Patchouli for love) and imbue yourself or your environment with the magical essence and power of the scent. 

Package of five tablets.

Click on the video below for guidance on how to light charcoal for burning herbs, roots and resins.


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