Handmade Embroidered Felt Hamsa Hand Charm


This Handmade Embroidered Felt Hamsa Hand Charm is a beautiful talisman for protection against the Evil Eye and all other negativity.

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Is there anything more magical than something that has been handcrafted? These Handmade Embroidered Felt Hamsa Hand Charms are made for us in Peru by master embroiderers who put their loving intention into each rich stitch from the blanket stitched edges to the tiny french knots.

Made out of felt, a crafty sort could open up a few of the edge stitches and add a petition paper, herbs or curios inside to personalize this charm. Or simply hang it up to bring blessings to your home.

This charm is large enough to be a display piece but could be easily carried in a purse or pocket to bring those blessings with you wherever you go!

Like all handmade items each one has its own unique look and no two are exactly alike.

Charm measures approximately 4″ x 3.5″


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