Handmade Slavic Terracotta Yarylo Bell


This Handmade Terracotta Bell has a representation of the Slavic god of spring, warmth, light and abundance, Yarylo, and can be used to bring these qualities to your magic.

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    This handmade clay bell brings the magic of the sun and the moon to your home. Yarylo is the Slavic god of the spring sun, who awakens summer, love, and passion, was regarded as a major deity and a symbol of spring and rebirth. His symbol, the sun, adorns the bell while the magical crescent moon sits above to bring peace and tranquility.

    These bells are handmade for us by Ukrainian master ceramicist Zhanna Rossypchuk (Жанна Россипчук) of Ceramystery. She hand sculpts, hand paints and then fires each piece by hand, using the ancient technique of “milk firing,” where the pottery is covered with high-fat milk, then baked in the kiln.

    Hang this beautiful unique bell outside your home by its red ribbon to invite the warmth of the sun, or use it in your magical practice to connect to the old gods and goddesses and bless your home with abundance and love.

    Each bell is a unique and handmade work of art and no two are exactly alike.

    Bell measures 5″ x 3″


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